The total recall agent

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Target User

The representative target user of SEED is person who wants to memorize precious experiences. Especially, in case of travelers, they want to hold vivid memories about their experiences and show them to their close people. Also they hope to recollect the memories later. The memories which they want to hold and share are more than visual sight and sound. They consist of entire atmosphere of the place and mood such as temperature, winds, smells etc.


Our life and precious experiences contains more than just recording visual scene. SEED focuses on the way of recording and sharing precious memories as vivid as possible through the SEED device. The services of SEED provide three values; Sharing, remembering, guiding.

First value is fulfilled with ‘Sync Experience’ service. This service is to help users who want to share their experience with someone else such as friends or families. Using Sync Experience, people who are not in same space can access the service and feel just as if they are in the tourist destination with their friends. If the user of SEED transfers and shares the experience, the data of it is delivered to friends via Sync Experience service. This co-experience in distant places will enhance social interaction among users.

Second value is remembering, which will be performed through ‘Total Recall’ service. People forget past experience, but want to keep it for a long time. ‘Total Recall’ service is for keeping a precious experience by recording entire atmosphere for a fresh memory. SEED records sights, smells, sounds, moods etc. and users can flash back recorded data with it, which help them to recall the experience easily. Thus, the users can play recorded experience with Total Recall service after the user comes back home from a trip.

Third is about guiding users. SEED is an intelligent flying agent that provides information during a trip. It supports users’ travels by navigating and giving information about tourist’s attraction from database. It will function as a personal guide and help users to travel easily.